Planning & Preparation

Design a functional whole, not separate actions

The planning of trade fair participation can begin as soon as  the most important target – the target groups – have been decided. Next, select the fairs, in which your target groups are best met, following with creation of a distinctive theme that interests them. The theme is like a red thread , which is used in communication throughout the trade fair from premarketing to aftercare, internally and externally.

Start planning early so you have time to prepare and organize everything carefully. Take into account  at least

  • Concrete targets pushing towards the company’s interests
  • Theme and / or the main message
  • Budget and scheduling
  • Necessary human resources for planning and implementation
  • Stand surface reservation (own stand / joint stand)
  • Applying for a possible grant for internationalization
  • Visibility in the exhibition organizer materials
  • Stand design and planning, coordination of provisioning and construction
  • Additional program, materials to be provided, and the planning / booking of possible beverages and snacks
  • Target group activation in an adequate and varied ways
  • Exhibition staff commitment and training
  • After-care of contacts and care of the exhibition feedback